Travel Tips For First Time Tourists To India

India is often called as the “Land of Karma” by tourists from all over the world. There is rarely, a country which often exhibits such a wide difference of the rich and the poor. When seen in a positive light, India can be best imagined as a visual treat in the form of bright saris, street cows, plenty of lush green farms and dim sunlight.

If you are in a city, you have to get accustomed to the city traffic. In rural areas, you will feel the sweet singing of the birds in the morning. Mother India, as called, by her billion inhabitants provides not only provide inspiration, but also astonish you with her numerous rock carved temples.


But foreign tourists who regularly visit India have one simple sentence to say to the first timers – come to expect the unexpected.

Although, India is a tourist destination, its entirety and tourist places cannot be completed in six months. If you are a first timer, it is better to stick to the Northern part of India – the land of big mustaches, turbans and palaces as well mountains. So, kindly decide on the two types of journeys. One is to look for a local guide and make him handle all the preparations. Or the other is to experience the journey on your own.


Travel Tips For Indian First Timers


You will easily find people who speak English in tourist towns and big cities. They can speak English only a little, but you can understand. The drivers and locals know enough of English to help you visit the best places. Do not depend only on travel guides. Every point is rosy rosy about India, while it will not be the case in most situations.


  1. Food

The food in India differs from State to State. But be careful of franchisee International food. There are some necessary precautions you should keep in mind, at all times. Never ever drink juice with ice on the streets. You can try street food with tea on the streets.

In case, you come from a trek and end up on the hotel at 11 pm in the night, just go for rice, rasam and steam vegetables.

Travel Tips For First Time Tourists To India -

  1. Dining Habits

There are many delicacies and recipes to relish. But the important point, is you cannot use a fork and spoon for them. Take the case of onion parota with mind blowing chutney, will you be able to slice the parota with the knife? You can, use the right hand instead of chopsticks and forks.


  1. Lodging

If you are traveling in the North, there will be no dearth of guest houses. You can stay in any of the hotels and the largest price for one day will come to Rs 800. If you aren’t on a budget, then you can stay in Palaces like the Havelis.

It is up to you. An Indian trip can change your life. It may. So have fun. One factor is certain. You can come here with a plan, and it can go haywire. But you will consume variety of recipes, pray at religious places and fall in love with the Western Ghats.


  1. Budget

India is a third world country – as per the foreign media in economy. But in reality, every Gold shop in India will have many customers. It is a cheap destination, but you will never get freebies in the local places. As for the multinational brands’ discount, you can get them in your own country.

Now take into account, the flight charges, the bus fares and the local fees combined with shopping and of course, lodging and Wi-Fi. Want to be safe and cosy? Find a travel house or a hotel. In case you are a woman, stay in the Government regulated hotels.

You can take care of your own goods – Yes?. Check the cheap hotels. Your traveller luggage may get stolen.


  1. Friendly Nature

Indian people are friendly in nature, but many of them are shy. There is no harm in having a conversation during journey on trains and buses. They might even pose with you on photographs. If an Indian woman stares at you, it will be more out of curiosity.

However, be careful with an Indian who has put a suit. He will look down upon you as he will spend nearly half his time traveling abroad.


  1. Basic Words

You may not spell the words right, but at least the shop keepers will acknowledge your interest in their local language, Hindi. Be ready to acknowledge smiles with a nod of your head.

Namaste – meaning – Hello

Acha – Good

Teek Hai – Right or yes

Hahn/Hahnji – Yes, you acknowledge it is right

Bas – Enough or stop

Acha Nahi – Not good.

Kitna – How much

Krupiyah – Can you please?

Matlab – What do you mean?

Madat – Help or assistance

Shukriyah – Thank you

Garam Paani – Hot water


  1. Packing Materials

It is important to pack the essential stuff. Your dress, medicines and the relevant documents. Ensure that you do not have to buy any material at all stops. However, India is not a remote country where the Amazon tribe lives. There is absolutely no need for a compass and whistle. You need smart tricks to survive and travel in an unknown environment.


  1. Sickness

You are in a new country, new food, new culture, so it is quite natural that your stomach and health may get upset. The rule – never panic, and assume you have got infected with a Indian parasite. In many situations, your stomach is not familiar with the new food.

So, do not pop up antibiotics every time you are sick. Just relax and let the body follow its own way of healing. But remember to have travel insurance before you get on a plane to visit India. Again, get travel Insurance! It is so important.


  1. Relax

One factor is important. Never strain yourself, both in body and mind. If you feel worn-out, just take a day off, consume good food and give the rest to mind and body. Stay off television shows. You need energy to face every new situation as you are in a new country, let alone speaking a new language.


In urban cities such as Hyderabad or Bangalore, you may have to bargain for the cost with the rickshaw driver. You may have to sweat on buses and use the hotel, where the rest rooms are dirty.


  1. Do Not Wait Until The Last Day To Book Tickets

Planning the trips are important. The reason, train tickets sell very fast in times of festivals. And if you are going by the bus route, it is going to cost a bomb. You can however, try the foreigner’s quota just for an emergency.



So these are some of the simple travel tips for tourists to India. Even if you are an Indian, the above mentioned tips can help get the best experience. Are you an NRI whose ancestors left two centuries ago? Have you decided to stay in India for one year to complete your research on travel? No worry. We, Indian welcome one and all.


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